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VBScript Comments. Comments are used to leave yourself notes or to mark a piece of code so that it doesn't get executed. In VBScript the comment system is extremely simple because there is only one kind of comment.

Posted: Sunday Jun 28, 2020

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Ajax Tutorial - Tutorial

Posted: (5 days ago) Ajax Tutorial. Ajax is a catchy name for a type of programming made popular in 2005 by Google and other big web developers. Ajax loosely stands for Asynchronous Javascript And XML, but that just sounds like techno jargon to many people.

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Perl Tutorial - Introduction

Posted: (10 days ago) This tutorial will be web based, working with and creating files over the internet. File management is the bread and butter of the PERL language, and as you will discover, it's absolutely perfect for doing so. PERL File Extension. A PERL script can be created inside of any normal simple-text editor program. There are several programs available ...

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Javascript Tutorial - Intro

Posted: (16 days ago) Tutorial Overview. Before you begin this tutorial, you should have basic knowledge of HTML. Check out our Beginner and HTML tutorials to brush up on the basics. This tutorial will cover the basics of JavaScript, from where to place your JavaScript all the way to making your own JavaScript functions.

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HTML Tutorial - Scripts

Posted: (9 days ago) If you want to insert JavaScript code into your HTML, you are going to use the